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How to Drive Customers' Loyalty with Customer Service Empathy
Customer service empathy is one way to build bonds with your customers and improve your brand loyalty across boards.
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Ayeni Idowu
Supervisor @ Ison Xperiences International
11th September, 2020
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Customer service empathy reflects your ability to understand and connect with  customer's feelings, even if you are unable to resolve the problem.

This implies that you allow the customer to feel heard by acknowledging their feelings and doing so helps to enhance the customer's overall experience.

This captures the need to verbally express empathy that specifically reflects and addresses  your customer’s complaint while proffering necessary solution(s).

Empathy should also be displayed in the way we speak and action taken about Customer's pain-points. It should be shown and displayed in situations where customer’s request or enquiry is system dependent but cannot be verified as at the time of call or visit, and when there is inability to access product and services.

How to use empathy to drive Customer's Loyalty:
- Verbally expresses empathy for customer's inconveniences/loss, product or service faults, system delays and failure.

Empathy should capture customer’s complaint. It should be specific.  For instance, say "I am sorry about the loss of your line", not "sorry about that”. 
"I am sorry about the dispense error" not, "so sorry “. So sorry about what?

Try using statements that connect with the customer. 

- Words, manner of speech and actions should reflect empathy with customer's concern and pain-points. Always make the customer feel heard, acknowledge their feelings and provide a good experience.

Customer service emphathy help to reduces stress and fosters resilience, trust, brand loyalty, creativity, learning and nourishing connection.

With the right display of customer service empathy, you can rectify a negative customer experience and build strong personal customer connection.

Most customers shop from brands with which they have developed an emotional bond. Therefore, if you want repeat customers due to brand affinity, make empathy an important part of customer communication and experience. 

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