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Why Now Is the Right Time to Own an Online Business
If you've ever wanted to run your own online business, this is a great time to do so.

This article is generated from a pool of online resources and hence do not refer to the opinions of IABC Africa or its Management.

Many a time "you've considered running a business...

The Chinese Bamboo Tree and the Zimbabwean App Developer: the Difference Is in the Perspective
Excellence in business goes beyond just motivation, it requires adequate business education.

I am both – a motivational speaker and a business coach. I have learned the huge lesson of drawing the line between both. Motivation is good for take-off, continued growth, and sustenance of...

The Cry of an Eluded Set - A Call to Entrepreneurship!
When the leaders fall short, the youth bears the pain.

......." Applause. He said it all. Just before the sun sets!

In our schools today, we are trained to think like others who perhaps at their own time thought for themselves.
We are pres...

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ template to run a successful business, this is where some business coaches gets it all wrong. The energy of a youth, however, is unimaginable.

Entrepreneurship is all about identifying opportunities, creating choices and building something from the ground up. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world capitalize on opportuniti...

Survival, they say, is for the fittest. In a world where it takes fitness to survive, self – determination is key to developing such fitness.

The earth is being marched upon by over 7 billion people, a number which is over 200% of its inhabitants in a century past. Excellence and distinctions are micro – factors in being distinguis...

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